About Us

Public Accounting Firm Mahsun, Nurdiono, Kukuh & Partners (MNK & PARTNERS) is an alliance of professionals with core competences in the fields of Audit, Taxation, Accounting, and Information Systems. With three core organizational values, namely integrity, quality, and competence, MNK & PARTNERS is determined to dedicate the best and accountable professional services to all clients and stakeholders. The continuous improvement program carried out by MNK & PARTNERS is a tangible form of responsibility for environmental change so that the mandate of professionalism is always well maintained.

Associate Partners

Dr. Junaidi, M.Si, Ak, CA, CSRS

Marita, SE, M.Si, Ak, CA

Wheno Kristanto, SE, Ak, CA

Cokro Wiharjo, S.S.T, Ak, CA

Moh Sumarsono, SE, MM

Andri Lawu, SE, Ak

Handryno Kisaragi, SE, CA

Sudaryadi, SE., M.Si

RB Wahyu Wibowo, SE, Ak, M.Ak, CPA

Yustina Hiola, SE, Ak, M.SA, CA, ACPA